A Playful Venture is my blog dedicated to documenting crafts, cooking, art, and my other musings.

Why is it called A Playful Venture?

The name covers a few topics – first of all, this blog itself is my own playful venture. Also, any crafts or recipes are ventures for you to enjoy! So venture right in and read stories, think about my musings, make a DIY project…

About Me

I am Heather Rainbow, a Christian home schooled student. I learn, read, grow, smile, and laugh. I have a passion for photography as well as learning Spanish and simply being creative. Hopefully, writing this blog will become one of my passions as well! Here are some random facts about me:

1. I eat sushi whenever possible.

2. My dream is to travel to Venice.

3. I love Divergent, Psych, Sherlock, The Fault in Our Stars, and all things Minecraft.

4. I also love learning! I don’t just sit around and play Minecraft all day 😛

5. I love gentle breezes, soft rays of sunlight, and rustling leaves.

6. I might be addicted to Pinterest. You can follow me here.

~Heather Rainbow

A Playful Venture

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