Simple Hand – Acrylic Painting Tutorial

Simple Hand – Acrylic Painting Tutorial


I’m no expert on painting people – not by a long shot – but for some strange reason I can make hands. Here’s how I do it.

1. Use thick paper and acrylic paint. Then decide which hand you’re going to make. It seriously helps to have a model. I’ll be painting the hand that I’m using (my right hand).


Position your hand the way you want it and try to keep it that way throughout the painting (yes, I know, it’s hard, especially if you’re using that hand. But at least try to memorize how you’re holding your hand). Mine will be positioned as above.

2. Grab your flesh-colored acrylic paint and smallish paintbrush. Just start painting what you see – I started with the thumb here. Don’t outline the nails yet; those will be a different color. Include little details but not too many.


Forget how you’ve made hands in the past. Just paint this.

3. Continue outlining the thumb and the finger that’s in front. Include slight lines of the other fingers, but not much yet. Fade out at the wrist.


4. Add the nails in a different color.


5. For the finishing touches, add the brush that the hand is holding (at least in this case) and the fingers inside the circle that the hand makes.


Here’s the finished product compared to my hand. Well, they’re not exactly the same, but you get the idea.


Enjoy your hand-making!


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