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Simple Hand – Acrylic Painting Tutorial

Simple Hand – Acrylic Painting Tutorial


I’m no expert on painting people – not by a long shot – but for some strange reason I can make hands. Here’s how I do it.

1. Use thick paper and acrylic paint. Then decide which hand you’re going to make. It seriously helps to have a model. I’ll be painting the hand that I’m using (my right hand).


Position your hand the way you want it and try to keep it that way throughout the painting (yes, I know, it’s hard, especially if you’re using that hand. But at least try to memorize how you’re holding your hand). Mine will be positioned as above.

2. Grab your flesh-colored acrylic paint and smallish paintbrush. Just start painting what you see – I started with the thumb here. Don’t outline the nails yet; those will be a different color. Include little details but not too many.


Forget how you’ve made hands in the past. Just paint this.

3. Continue outlining the thumb and the finger that’s in front. Include slight lines of the other fingers, but not much yet. Fade out at the wrist.


4. Add the nails in a different color.


5. For the finishing touches, add the brush that the hand is holding (at least in this case) and the fingers inside the circle that the hand makes.


Here’s the finished product compared to my hand. Well, they’re not exactly the same, but you get the idea.


Enjoy your hand-making!



Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold


The Daily Post photo challenge for this week is “threshold.” Here’s my take on the prompt.

I’m waiting to go in, someone might be peeping out at me.


Should I let her in?



Reflections in the metal.





Weekly Writing Challenge – Fifty


This week’s Daily Post writing challenge presents an interesting idea – writing a story in exactly fifty words. No more, no less.

Here is the link to the challenge:

Now, for my “fifty”:



I touch the flower to my nose, its petals enveloping my senses, its scent reminding me of home. I am far away now. I will probably never return. My world is changing and I must change with it. I take my sister’s hand and walk, I walk far from here.

Have a lovely day.


Why I Create Art (and why I publish it!)

Why I Create Art (and why I publish it!)


I want to tell you why I do what I do – why I paint, sketch, craft, whatever. And why I put it on this corner of the internet for you to see.

So why do I paint or sketch or craft?

I love the feel of the paint on the brush, smoothing over the paper.IMG_6521

I love mixing things and making something new. I love experimenting and doing my own thing, which sometimes happens to be what no one’s done before. I can’t keep myself from the paint and the pencils.


Sticking with the crowd isn’t my thing. I like to think outside the box and create outside the box.


My random brain sometimes creates weird paintings or sketches. Some are just plain ugly.

I’m OK with that.

Because they’re mine.


But why do I want you all to see my paintings and my other art?

Maybe it has something to do with how my English teacher puts it – “You’re not writing for yourself.” You’re writing for other people.

So I’m not painting for myself. I’m not snapping photos for myself. I’m creating for the world. I’m creating for you.



Quickie Watercolor Flowers

Quickie Watercolor Flowers


Personally, I don’t like taking forever to paint one picture. In fact, 15 minutes tops is fine with me. However, that makes for some strange paintings – after all, it takes awhile to make a really beautiful painting, right? Well, I don’t think so. But it probably helps to know how to make each element of a quick painting. So, without further ado, may I present a Quickie Flower (with watercolor). Hopefully this helps you on your painting journey!

1. Ok, first find what flower you want to paint. When looking for inspiration, I like to go on… you guessed it… Pinterest! So I scrolled through flower photos (aren’t you glad I took a picture of me scrolling?) and found one that I liked. It’s basically your standard pink flower, with five petals and the longish shoots in the center (they have a scientific name, but how am I supposed to remember it?)


2. Next, I sketched out the basic outline of the flower, somewhat lightly but not so lightly that it couldn’t be seen. Unfortunately, the camera couldn’t see it very well :/


I added a second flower as well.


Yeah, you can’t see those, can you? Sorry ’bout that. Then again, maybe I don’t want you to see them. My sketching skills are not extraordinary.

3. Then, I loosely (by loosely I mean “not staying in the lines”) colored in the flowers with a watery paintbrush and paint. If you don’t use enough water, you’ll be able to see the brush strokes and that’s not really what we’re going for here. I also added pink to the background. Notice how the flowers just sort of fade away at the end of the stem.


And you’re done! Have fun and don’t forget to post your feedback or post ideas in the comments 🙂