Raging Star – Painting Tutorial

Raging Star – Painting Tutorial


I recently discovered a way to make some kind of exploding star out of acrylic paint, and I thought I would share it with you all. So here we go…

1. Start out with your paper, small/medium brushes, and acrylic paint. Of course, have a cup of water handy, and a paper towel. One fun thing to try is not letting yourself rinse your paintbrush – just let the paints layer. Experiment with your ideas.


2. Paint a star-ish thing. See picture 🙂 The right-hand side would probably be best, but experiment with different locations as well.


3. Now (I didn’t bother waiting for the paint to dry – huge waste of time, in my mind), add another star on top of that one – but slightly to the left (and also in a different color). Basically, just scootch the center of the star over. Actually, you can go either direction, but for the purpose of this tutorial, let’s just go left.


By the way, sorry the picture don’t look super awesome. I’ll have to work on that 😛

You’ll see in the picture above that the center of the star isn’t really shifted at all – you have to go very gradually. In fact, you can just paint the second star right on top if you want.

4. Keep repeating the star, moving the same direction each time. Eventually, you’ll have something like this:


Change colors at will, make it random or make a pattern.

5. Almost done! Keep adding stars.


6. Now, add whatever else you want, or just leave the rest of the paper white. I added a black background just for kicks – I mean, it is a star!



Here is another finished product of a Raging Star:

Another Star

Have fun with your stars! If you have any feedback or any post ideas, let me know in the comments!




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